COMBO Paper and Optical Disk High Security Shredders – One Size DOESEN’T Fit all!

June 4, 2012 at 11:20 am by SEM

Are you considering a Combo Paper and Optical Media Shredder for shredding CLASSIFIED / TOP SECRET Information? If so, you may want to ask yourself a few questions before you pull the trigger.

The first question you should ask is why am I considering an all-in-one unit. Is it a space requirement? Is it capability or operator ease of use? Is it throughput or is it price? The second question should be what’s the most secure solution to shred classified or top secret information? Well, if these are your primary reasons, you may want to consider a two unit solution consisting of a High Security PAPER SHREDDER and a High Security OPTICAL MEDIA Shredder. Here’s why!

SPACE: The majority of the COMBO solutions offered in the marketplace have dimensions that are actually LARGER than two machines set-up side by side. As such, the physical space required for the all-in-one combo units is actually greater than the two unit solution.

THROUGHPUT / OPERATOR EASE of USE: Two units side-by-side offer a significant increase in throughput. In addition, the waste collection of the all-in-one units is substantially reduced. As such, the operator is required to remove the waste more often. This reduces operator productivity and requires the purchase of additional waste collection bags which over time exceeds the Total cost of Ownership.

POWER: All of the Combo units require a Dedicated 20 Amp power outlet. If not already in place, this requires added electrical costs to implement and limits location where the system can operate. With a two unit solution, the power required is a standard 15 Amp power outlet. Simply plug them into any wall outlet. No extra costs for an electrician and the mobility/user location of the unit is greatly enhanced.

PRICE: Take the SEM Model 1324/0202 bundle as an example. This bundle includes the SEM Model 1324C/3 high security paper shredder ( listed on NSA/CSS 02-01 EPL for high security paper shredders ) and an SEM Model 0202 OMD high security OPTICAL MEDIA Shredder ( listed on the NSA/CSS 04-02 EPL for high security optical disk destruction). The two unit solution has higher throughput and capabilities at price that is less than all the combo units currently available in the market. The “More for Less” concept is not only a BEST VALUE……it is also a BEST PRICE.

SECURITY: What happens if the all-in-one COMBO units should fail? Both the paper AND optical media shredding are down until someone can get there to fix the unit. In a two unit solution, if one unit should fail, at the very least, the other is still operational with an ability to continue to shredding either your paper or optical media thus increasing the overall security. SUMMARY: While an all-in-one COMBO machine provides high security destruction for paper and optical disks in one machine, a two unit solution with systems dedicated specifically for paper AND optical media provides a more productive and secure solution with less chance of failure at a comparable price.


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