Sustainability at SEM: Our Commitment Goes Beyond Just Words

February 3, 2016 at 3:00 pm by SEM

What does sustainability mean to you? 

Does it mean creating and maintaining a balance between the environment and economy? Or does it mean simply adding recycling and composting to your routine?

To SEM, sustainability means developing new processes and procedures to help conserve Earth’s natural resources and environment for future generations and leaving our home better off than we found it. 

We offer a plethora of products that are equipped with energy saving motors, special steel rotors, and other green solutions. For example, our disintegrators are designed with energy saving motors and precision balanced solid steel rotors that use less horsepower and electrical consumption. These small additions help cut down on up to 20% energy in comparison to other competitor models. For an even greener disintegrator option, we have our SEM VKE Green Disintegrator Kits that include everything needed for ultimate operator and environmental health and safety.

While paper is universally considered recyclable, it’s not as easy to do so as one would think. That’s why we offer a state-of-the-art briquetting system (included in the VKE Green Disintegrator Kit) that reduces paper waste by up to 90%. Yes, 90%! Since shredded paper waste is typically bulky and messy, recyclers won’t accept it; however, our briquetting systems compact paper waste into hockey puck-like briquettes that are accepted by most recyclers, and can even be used as a fuel source. You can find out more information on our briquettor systems here.

SEM’s commitment to the environment is implemented not only through continuous review and improvement of our processes, products, and services but through everyday methods as well. At our headquarters and secondary locations, all our cardboard and paper are recycled, our office lights are sensor-activated as to not waste unneeded electricity, recycled materials are used in many of our products, we use green cleaning products, and SEM restrooms are even stocked with Green Earth Certified hand soap.

We are also sure to communicate our policy to our customers, employees, and all persons who work on our behalf as well as anyone visiting our head office. Any vehicle who is parked at our loading dock must turn of their engine while there in order to cut down on pollution and emissions. You can find out more about our sustainability options in our blog, Data Destruction and the Environment.