Are you getting the most out of your media destruction disintegrator?

October 5, 2016 at 9:44 am by SEM

After years of visiting customers and helping folks get the most out of their disintegrators, I’ve noticed a few things. I’ve found that there are a lot of people out there operating the equipment and putting up with a whole lot of issues. Rather than reach out to an expert, they just create operating procedures to work around them.

Many of these issues include, dull blades, excessive dust, improper gapping of knives, inadequate fan/evacuation systems, poor feeding techniques and more. I’m always surprised to see what people put up with when traveling and visiting customers. In most cases, simple inexpensive fixes or training can make all the difference. Some people can become so frustrated with disintegrators they will lock the disintegrator room and never return. You don’t have to put up with common issues from disintegrators. Call the professionals at SEM. It doesn’t matter what brand or set up, we can help you.

For example, I had a customer who noticed their disintegrator was performing very slowly and it was taking several minutes to shred a small amount of paper. The customer was a new end user. The former end user explained that the unit has always been slow and that they thought that was how it worked. This customer reached out to me asked if this was normal and of course it was not. After walking through a few questions, we discovered that the customer replaced the knives and never set the gaps between the rotor and bed knives. After a routine maintenance call, the disintegrator was performing as advertised.

If you have a disintegrator system and its performing poorly, been abandoned, or hasn’t been inspected by a professional in a long time. Feel free to reach out to SEM at 800-225-9293. We will make sure you are getting the most out of your system or get you the right one.

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