5 Easy Steps to Start Building a Disintegrator System

June 18, 2015 at 10:28 am by SEM

If you are in need of a Central Information Destruction solution that can shred high volumes of paper or mixed media, a disintegrator may be the answer. As the inventor of the disintegrator over 45 years ago, SEM has the proven expertise to determine which system is right for you.

The following are some steps to consider when determining which system is most appropriate.


This is the most important factor. It is important to know what type of material and the particle size required by your security team. NSA requires a 3/32” security screen for the destruction of classified paper and optical media. For unclassified information or material, a larger particle may be acceptable, just check with your security manager. SEM Disintegrator Knives and Screens

Security Screen size _____ __ Material Type ___________


Disintegrators come in all sizes. The volume of material you will be destroying helps determine what size is right for you. There are two things needed to be determined. How many lbs. of material will be destroyed on a weekly basis and how many working hours per day would you like to run the unit.

Lbs. of material per week _______ Hours of use per working day ______________


Disintegrators offer a few options for waste collection. The proper fan system is mostly dependent on the information in the prior two steps. With low to average volume disintegrators, standard single or dual bag fan systems are common. Large outside air collection systems or Briquettors o- may be needed for higher volume applications. SEM DISINTEGRATOR OPTIONS



There are a variety of additional options that are available for disintegrator systems. These include sound reduction enclosures, conveyors, master control panels, Spare knives and security screens. Only an experienced SEM representative can help you choose the best options.



Once a targeted system has been identified you must be sure your facility has a room with adequate space and 3 phase electrical power available to run the equipment. Layout drawings may be required depending on the disintegrator system. To speak to an SEM representative click on the link below.

SEM Support Team


SEM not only invented the Disintegrator, we have been installing and supporting them since 1967. From installations in virtually every US Embassy throughout the world to locations throughout the USA, our Sales Consultants can work with you to create the most effective solution at the most economical price. If you are in need of a system….give us a call at 800-225-9293.
For information on Disintegrators or any of the information destruction solutions available from SEM, please visit our web site at www.semshred.com

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