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Model 0202 OMD DEP-PB Optical Media Shredder Deployment Kit Premium Bundle

Special Pricing $4,495

In addition to saving $300 over the $4,795 published GSA also receive 100 Oil Lubricating Sheets and a Case of 50 Anti-Static additional $255.26 Value

This Premium Bundle combines the NSA/CSS 04-02 EPL listed Model 0202 OMD high capacity optical media shredder with LCD Touch Screen Display for simple operation and visual operator status along with a custom rugged, locakble field deployment case with casters bundled with 100 Vegetable Oil Based Environmentally Friendly Lubricating Sheets and a Case of 50 Anti-Static Waste Collection Bags.  The shredder features a 1 HP motor with Auto Sync - Dual Voltage at 120V/60Hz or 230V/50Hz (includes both cords). 

The Model 0202 OMD has been evaluated by the NSA and meets the NSA/CSS 04-02 requirements for the destruction of CD/DVD Optical Media.  The unit produces a residual particle size of 2.0mm x 3.9mm.  

The Deployment System includes a rugged case with custom foam inserts specifically designed for the Model 0202 OMD Shredder for maximum protection and easy mobility. Also includes heavy duty casters and lockable latches.

Click here for complete Model 0202 OMD specifications.

Click here to download a copy of the 0202 OMD DEP-PB data sheet


Model NumberModel 0202 OMD DEP-PB Optical Media Shredder
Case Material-
Case Security-
Case Portability-
Case Cover-

Other Products to Consider

Anti-Static Bags for SEM Model 0202OMD

Anti-Static waste collection bags (Specially designed to collect DVD/CD Plastic Waste). Box of 50 bags for Model 0202 OMD.

Lubrication Sheets for Optical Media Shredders Not Equipped with an Auto Oiler

Environmentally Friendly Lubrication Sheets ( Pack of 10 ) for use with Optical Media Shredder not equipped with an auto oiler ( SEM Model 0202 OMD).

Waste Collection Boxes (package of 3) for Model 0202 OMD

Package of (3) waste collection boxes for Model 0202 OMD.