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Optical Media Destroyers - CD / DVD Shredders

SEM offers two NSA/CSS 04-02 Listed Optical Media Shredders (high security CD shredders). The Model 0202 OMD can also be purchased as Premium PLUS Bundle configuration that includes Bio-Degradeable, ECO Friendly lubricating oil Sheets, Anti-Static waste collection bags, Extended Warranties and an Annual "at-site" Preventative Maintenance Contract.....all at a substantial savings. Either solution provides an ideal system to meet your Security, Power, Volume and/or Budgetary requirements.


From the recently released Model 0202-OMD with Auto-Sync Dual Voltage capabilities, small footprint and high volume capacity to the ever popular Model 0201-OMD with built-in auto oiler, SEM offers solutions that meet the high security optical media ( CD / DVD ) destruction requirements.


At 1,583 disks per hr as rated by the NSA, the Model 0201 OMD produces a particle size small enough to meet the NSA/CSS 04-02 requirements (2.2 mm by 4 mm). For added security at an even greater NSA rated volume of 2,400 disks per hr, the Model 0202 OMD actually produces an even smaller particle ( 2.0 mm x 3.9 mm) .



Model 0202 OMD NSA Listed Optical Media Destroyer (Shredder) - DUAL VOLTAGE

NSA/CSS 04-02 Listed high capacity optical media shredder with LCD Touch Screen Display for simple operation and visual operator status.  Features Auto Sync - Dual Voltage at 120V/60Hz or 230V/50Hz (includes both cords). 

GSA Price: $3,595.00

Model 0202 OMD-PB NSA Listed Optical Media Destroyer (Shredder)- w/Premium PLUS Bundle

The Model 0202 OMD PLUS these Value Added items: 50 Anti-Static Waste Bags, 50 Lubrication Sheets, and 3 Waste Collection Boxes 2 Year Extended Warranty and Annual "at-site" PM Contract.

GSA Price: $3,799.00

Model 0201 OMD - NSA Listed Optical Media Destroyer (Shredder)- with Auto Oiler

The NSA/ CSS 04-02 Listed Designed specifically for the destruction of Optical Media (CDs /DVDs). Comes equipped with Auto Oiler and Anti-Static Waste Collection Bin for maximum performance.

GSA Price: $3,627

Model NumberCapacity Feed Throat Residual Particle Size Waste Collection Factory Installed Auto-Oiler Oil Reservoir
Model 0202 OMD NSA Listed Optical Media Destroyer2,400 disks per hr/NSA 5.5" (Specially designed slot for Optical Discs)2.0mm x 3.9mm15 Gallon Binnon/a
Model 0202 OMD PB Premium PLUS Bundle2,400 disks per hr/NSA 5.5" (Specially designed slot for Optical Discs)2.0mm x 3.9mm15 Gallon Binn/an/a
Model 0201 OMD NSA Listed Optical Media Destroyer1,583 disks per hr/NSA 12" (Special slot for CD/DVD feeding) 2.2mm x 4mm30 Gallon Anti-Static binyesone gallon