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Hard Drive Destruction - Electronic Data Destruction

Deleting important files isn't enough. The best way to make sure that no one will ever be able to access confidential information on old hard drives is to destroy them. Hard Drive Destruction is a primary focus at SEM. We supply a complete line Hard Drive Crushers, Hard Drive Shredders and Disintegrators for the sole purpose of physical hard drive destruction. Each process provides a different level of hard drive destruction and each has certain advantages.

hard drive disintegrator, crusher, shredder group















These images show the after effects (left to right) of Hard Drive Crushing, Hard Drive Shredding and Hard Drive Disintegration

shredded, crushed and disintegrated hard drive

For complete hard drive destruction product specs visit Hard Drive Crushers, Hard Drive Shredders, or Disintegrators.


For information on our SECURE Hard Drive Destruction Service click here


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  Model 0301 Jackhammer Shredder Demonstration Video  


  Model 0300 Jackhammer Low Volume Shredder Video


  Model 0101 HDD Sledgehammer Crusher Video