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Model 0101 Sledgehammer Hard Drive Crusher

NSN: Pending

This hard drive "crusher" destroys all hard drives regardless of their size, format or type up to 1.85" High including Desktop, Laptop and Server Drives.


The Model 0101 has been "Evaluated by the NSA and Meets NSA and DoD compliance guidelines for the physical damage of media" with a durability rating of 204 Drives per hour.


NEW.....In models purchased after 08-15-11 ( Serial number 1404 or greater) hard drives mounted in caddies or with rails or handles  less than 9" deep that are used in rack mounted server environments can been crushed without having to disassemble the drive  from the caddy, rail or handle.


At the touch of a button, the Model 0101 Sledgehammer Hard Drive Crusher delivers a staggering 12,000 pounds (or 490K PSI ) of force to a conical punch causing catastrophic trauma to the hard drive chassis while destroying the internal platter. The unit is quiet, smooth and virtually vibration free. Destruction takes only 8 seconds ( can destroy up to FOUR standard laptop drives or SIX ultra-thin laptop drives in one 8 second cycle ).


A safety interlock prevents operation of the hard drive crusher while door is open to protect operators and an emergency e-stop immediately halts operation when pressed.


DID YOU KNOW ?...... The DOD specifications for erasure of High Security information on hard disk drives states...."the Hard Drive MUST BE DEGAUSSED with an NSA approved degausser which appears on the NSA Evaluated Products List AND the Hard Drive MUST BE PHYSICALLY DESTROYED". The SEM Model 0101 is a perfect solution for the "physical destruction" portion of this two step process.


The SEM Model 0101 Sledgehammer™ Hard Drive Crusher is the only unit with a chamber large enough to fit hard drives mounted to rails and/or handles found in hot-swap trays.

FEDERAL, STATE, COUNTY and LOCAL Buyers take advantage of preferred GSA Contract Pricing.




Model NumberModel 0101 Sledgehammer
Crushing Force12,000 lbs ( or 490K PSI )
Destruction Cycle8 sec.
Motor1/3 HP
Electrical115/1/60Hz, std 15 Amp - other voltages available
Dimensions22"H x 10"W x 19"D
Weight105 lbs
Drive TypesAll hard drives regardless of size, format or type (up to 1.85" High and 9" Deep), including Four Standard or Six Ultra Thin Laptop/Notebook drives at once.

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